Modern Drama

This section contains plays written or premiered after 1945.

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Time Stands Still

A photojournalist is at home in Brooklyn recovering from serious wounds sustained whilst out covering war-torn Iraq, but longs for the adrenalin rush of her past.

Time Spent on Trains

A 15-minute play about childhood, disability and spending time on trains.

Published in volume Fishskin Trousers


    A sister searches her brothers for empathy and answers to her family's self destruction. All three are trapped for ever in an obsessive need to remember and relive their treatment at the hands of a sadistic, brutalising father and of a mother overendowed with forbearance.

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    Tiger Country

    A hospital play that follows a tangle of doctors and nurses in a busy London hospital.

    Tickets are Now On Sale

    A short play about sponsorship and the arts.

    Published in volume Caryl Churchill Plays: Five


      A child-psychologist attempts to record what she's spent her whole life trying to forget, as the memories of former patients collide with her own.

      Through the Leaves and other plays

      Franz Xaver Kroetz is a controversial figure whose works have helped reshape world drama over the last two decades. His unsparing portraits of life in Germany's lower middle-class redefine the notion of realism on the stage.

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      Through A Glass Darkly (stage version)

      Karin is a young wife, an older sister and an only daughter. In her kaleidoscopic internal world the boundaries between different realities blur and shift.

      Through a Cloud

      A battle of wits between Cromwell and John Milton, by the well-known actor Jack Shepherd.

      The Thrill of Love

      A gripping drama about Ruth Ellis, the last woman to be hanged in Britain.

      Three Women and a Piano Tuner

      An offbeat, lyrical drama about how our hopes and dreams can be thwarted by the choices we make - and by the ones we don't make.

      Three Sisters On Hope Street

      A funny, vibrant and moving version of Chekhov's Three Sisters, set amongst the Jewish community in wartime Liverpool.

      Three Short Plays

      Three short plays by one of the most inventive dramatists working today, each written in response to political events.

      The Three Musketeers (stage version)

      A riotously comic adaptation of Alexandre Dumas' classic novel, originally performed by physical-comedy theatre company Le Navet Bete.

      Three More Sleepless Nights

      An explosive short play about human interaction and love-tangled relationships.

      Published in volume Caryl Churchill: Shorts

        The Three Lions

        A sharp, hilarious behind-the-scenes glimpse of diplomacy in action, centering on England's bid for the 2018 World Cup.

        Three Hotels: Plays and Monologues

        ‘A work of burning anger and bruising emotional power’ about the foisting of powdered milk on Third World infants. Plus seven monologues.

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        Three Birds

        A startling and darkly comic drama about childhood, family and fantasy. Winner of the Bruntwood Prize 2011.