True Love Lies
Paperback, 160 pages ISBN: 9780887549151Publication Date:
11 Apr 2012
Size: 212mm x 135mm£16.99
First Staged:
Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester, 2009

True Love Lies

By Brad Fraser

Paperback £16.99

In sharp, non-stop dialogue, True Love Lives tears open the nuclear family and finds the heart that is often lost and forgotten.

Kane and Carolyn are happily married, run their own business, and have two rebellious teenagers: outgoing Madison and geeky Royce. The typical nuclear family. But when Madison applies for a job at the new restaurant in town, Kane and Carolyn find that a man they had long forgotten has just re-entered their lives: Kane’s ex-lover. Sparking a series of further revelations, the sudden re-appearance of David exposes suppressed emotions and desires in everyone and the family must renegotiate their relationships with each other and, ultimately, redefine their family.

From the author of Cold Meat Party and Love and Human Remains.

Press Quotes

'Fraser is still writing with the urban, contemporary vitality that makes his work so refreshing'

Globe and Mail
Paperback,160 pages ISBN: 9780887549151Publication Date:
11 Apr 2012
Size: 212mm x 135mm£16.99

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