Ebook, 34 pages ISBN: 9781788501583Publication Date:
7 Feb 2019
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First Staged:
Bewley's Cafe Theatre, Dublin, 2017



Ebook £4.99£3.99

An off-kilter, high-energy, form-pushing play about what pro-wrestling and politics have in common. JERICHO asks big questions in weird ways, like what can a pop-culture journalist do to stop the world burning down?

MALAPROP Theatre's play JERICHO was first performed at Bewley's Cafe Theatre, Dublin, in February 2017. It was reworked and performed at Underbelly as part of Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018, and at VAULT Festival, London, in February 2019.

JERICHO is also available in the collection Plays from VAULT 4.

Ebook,34 pages ISBN: 9781788501583Publication Date:
7 Feb 2019
£4.99 £3.99You save £1.00 (20%)
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