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Earthquakes in London
Imprint: Methuen Drama
Paperback, 176 pages ISBN: 9781408132821Publication Date:
1 Nov 2010
First Staged:
National Theatre, London, 2010

Earthquakes in London

By Mike Bartlett

Paperback £11.99

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An epic rollercoaster of a play travelling from 1968 to 2525 and back again, driven by an all-pervasive fear of the future and a guilty pleasure in the excesses of the present.

Mike Bartlett's play Earthquakes in London includes burlesque strip shows, bad dreams, social breakdown, population explosion, worldwide paranoia. It is a fast and furious metropolitan crash of people, scenes and decades, as three sisters attempt to navigate their dislocated lives and loves, while their dysfunctional father, a brilliant scientist, predicts global catastrophe.

The play was premiered at the National Theatre, London, in August 2010 in a co-production with Headlong, directed by Rupert Goold.

Earthquakes in London is published in this edition by Methuen Drama, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc.

It is also available in the volume Mike Bartlett Plays: Two.

'It’s Cabaret, we’ve got our heads down and we’re dancing and drinking as fast as we can. The enemy is on its way, but this time it doesn’t have guns and gas it has storms and earthquakes, fire and brimstone...'

Press Quotes

'Mike Bartlett has created something completely different: a three hour play of startling ambition'

Evening Standard

'The theatrical equivalent of a thrilling roller coaster ride... provides a great shot of adrenalin-fuelled excitement... a rush of invention, humour and raw emotion'

Daily Telegraph

'Bartlett beautifully combines domestic and cosmic issues... It is, in every sense, a big play that has the courage of its convictions'

Imprint: Methuen Drama
Paperback,176 pages ISBN: 9781408132821Publication Date:
1 Nov 2010

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