Culture is the Body
Paperback, 192 pages ISBN: 9781559364966Publication Date:
1 Oct 2015
Size: 234mm x 145mm£22.99

Culture is the Body

The Theatre Writings of Tadashi Suzuki

By Tadashi Suzuki Translated by Kameron Steele

Paperback £22.99

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One of the world's most revered theatre directors, Tadashi Suzuki is also a seminal thinker and practitioner whose work has had a profound influence on theatre worldwide. This landmark collection of his writings provides a thorough and invaluable look at his philosophical and practical approaches to the stage.

Culture is the Body is a complete revision of Suzuki's influential book The Way of Acting, and contains several new essays. It is translated by Kameron Steele, a longtime collaborator of Suzuki's.

'From his artistic home in the small village of Toga Mura in the Japanese Alps, Tadashi Suzuki's influence has spread around the world, transcending cultural and political boundaries. His bold vision of what the theatre can be and what the theatre can do is both uncompromising and exceedingly generous. The SCOT company's groundbreaking productions and methods of training have inspired and continue to inspire generations of theatre artists and audiences. The day I first met Suzuki, the trajectory of my life was altered irrevocably. The very existence of SITI Company is due to Suzuki’s foresight, bigheartedness and determination.' Anne Bogart

Paperback,192 pages ISBN: 9781559364966Publication Date:
1 Oct 2015
Size: 234mm x 145mm£22.99

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