Breaking the Rules: The Wooster Group
Paperback, 254 pages ISBN: 9780930452827Publication Date:
10 Jan 1989
Size: 229mm x 153mm£22.99

Breaking the Rules: The Wooster Group

By David Savran

Paperback £22.99

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A in-depth survey of the work of groundbreaking theatre company the Wooster Group, introduced by Peter Sellars.

Essential accounts of the group's landmark shows, from Route 1 & 9 through to L.S.D., combining detailed description, critical commentary, production photographs and extensive interviews with company members Elizabeth LeCompte, Spalding Gray, Ron Vawter, Willem Dafoe, Kate Valke, Peyton Smith and others.

'They are inventing theatrical vocabulary that will become the lingua franca of a revivified American Theatre... the most important theatre company in our country today' Peter Sellars, in his Introduction

'technically brilliant, sardonic, witty, irritating, raunchy, insouciant, Dadaist' Time Out on the Wooster Group

Paperback,254 pages ISBN: 9780930452827Publication Date:
10 Jan 1989
Size: 229mm x 153mm£22.99

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