An Old Song, Half Forgotten
Ebook, 38 pages ISBN: 9781788506892Publication Date:
20 Apr 2023
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First Staged:
Abbey Theatre (Peacock), Dublin, 2023

An Old Song, Half Forgotten

By Deirdre Kinahan

Ebook £4.99£3.99

  • Pratchett Prize for challenging the stigma of Alzheimer’s Disease - 2024

A play that opens a window into the life and soul of an older actor who is living in care with Alzheimer's disease, rebuilding a man just as he begins to crack and fade.

Deirdre Kinahan's short play An Old Song, Half Forgotten was first staged by the Abbey Theatre, Dublin, in April 2023, performed by Bryan Murray.

In 2024, Deirdre Kinahan and Bryan Murray were jointly awarded the inaugural Pratchett Prize for challenging the stigma of Alzheimer's Disease through the play.

The play is also available in the collection Deirdre Kinahan: Shorts.

Press Quotes

'A compelling celebration of a life'

Irish Times

'A mesmeric piece of theatre that brings you into the mind of a performer with Alzheimer's... emotionally gripping and poignant... incredibly effective storytelling... deeply impactful'

Reviews Hub

'A unique experience... smartly structured and truly moving'

Arts Review

'Quite extraordinary... a remarkable new play... The writing beautifully balances the Alzheimer sufferer's crystal-clear memories of things long past with the fuzziness and confusion of day-to-day life... a beguiling piece of theatre full of quiet power'

Irish Examiner
Ebook,38 pages ISBN: 9781788506892Publication Date:
20 Apr 2023
£4.99 £3.99You save £1.00 (20%)

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