American Set Design 2
Paperback, 230 pages ISBN: 9781559360180Publication Date:
1 Mar 1992
Size: 215mm x 270mm£25.00

American Set Design 2

By Ronn Smith

Paperback £25.00

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A sequel to American Set Design, this volume profiles twelve of America's most exciting and influential scenic designers.

In extensive interviews, they discuss their early influences and experiences in theatre, the practicalities of working as a designer today, how they collaborate with directors and other designers, and their thoughts on the future of stage design.

A complete chronology of each designer's work in included, and the book is lavishly illustrated with more than 165 examples of the artists' sketches, renderings and models as well as photos of the finished sets.

The designers featured in this volume are:

Loy Arcenas
John Arnone
David Gropman
Robert Israel
Heidi Landesmann
Hugh Landwehr
Adrianne Lobel
Charles McClennahan
Michael Merritt
Tony Straiges
George Tsypin
Michael Yeargan

'As I look at the stage design of the last decade, I find myself perplexed, bewildered, yet with an odd sense of exhilaration. The landscape of American theatre has indeed changed and it is still changing' Ming Cho Lee (from the Foreword)

Paperback,230 pages ISBN: 9781559360180Publication Date:
1 Mar 1992
Size: 215mm x 270mm£25.00
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