#aiww: The Arrest of Ai Weiwei
Paperback, 72 pages ISBN: 9781848423312Publication Date:
11 Apr 2013
Size: 198mm x 129mm£9.99 £7.99You save £2.00 (20%)
Ebook, 72 pages ISBN: 9781780012292Publication Date:
31 May 2013
£9.99 £7.99You save £2.00 (20%)
First Staged:
Hampstead Theatre, London, 2013

#aiww: The Arrest of Ai Weiwei

By Howard Brenton

Paperback £9.99£7.99

Ebook £9.99£7.99

A timely play based on the true story of an imprisoned Nobel Laureate.

On 3 April 2011, as he was boarding a flight to Taipei, the Chinese artist Ai Weiwei was arrested at Beijing Airport. Advised merely that his travel "could damage state security", he was escorted to a van by officials, after which he disappeared for eighty-one days. On his release, the government claimed that his imprisonment related to tax evasion.

Howard Brenton's play is based on Ai Weiwei's account in Barnaby Martin's book Hanging Man, in which he told the story of that imprisonment - by turns surreal, hilarious, and terrifying. A portrait of the artist in extreme conditions, it is also an affirmation of the centrality of art and freedom of speech in civilised society.

#aiww: The Arrest of Ai Weiwei was first performed at Hampstead Theatre, London, in April 2013.

Press Quotes

'A very good play - moving, scary, gripping, inventive and at times laugh-out-loud funny'


'Excellent... like a mix of Kafka and Beckett'


'Tremendously powerful'

Financial Times

'A piece of theatre that is both a public service and an absorbing, imaginative response'


'Intense and claustrophic... this play shows that art - and artists - still matter'

Evening Standard
Paperback,72 pages ISBN: 9781848423312Publication Date:
11 Apr 2013
Size: 198mm x 129mm£9.99 £7.99You save £2.00 (20%)
Ebook,72 pages ISBN: 9781780012292Publication Date:
31 May 2013
£9.99 £7.99You save £2.00 (20%)

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