WROL (Without Rule of Law)
Paperback, 104 pages ISBN: 9780369102386Publication Date:
26 May 2022
Size: 215mm x 136mm£23.99
First Staged:
Persephone Theatre, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, 2019

WROL (Without Rule of Law)

By Michaela Jeffery

Paperback £23.99

Convinced the world at large can't be trusted to prioritise the well-being of adolescent girls in the event of a cataclysmic event (or just in general), a determined troupe of preteen 'doomers' commit to preparing for survival in the post-collapse society they anticipate inheriting.

When Maureen, Jo, Sarah, Vic, and Robbie sneak out at night to investigate an ominous hidden lair in the woods, they believe they have stumbled onto proof of what happened to a mysterious local cult that vanished over a decade ago. As they search for vital clues, examining small bones and dusty cans of food for signs of life, they fight to be understood in a world that seems to reject them. What they discover changes everything—eighth grade will never be the same.

Part Judy Blume, part Rambo, this darkly comic coming-of-age story for complicated times is for any young woman who has ever been told that she is 'too much', or that what she fears is illegitimate, or that what she has to say is less important than keeping the peace.

Michaela Jeffery's play WROL (Without Rule of Law) was premiered at Persephone Theatre, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, in 2019.

Paperback,104 pages ISBN: 9780369102386Publication Date:
26 May 2022
Size: 215mm x 136mm£23.99
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