Undesirable Elements
Paperback, 256 pages ISBN: 9781559363976Publication Date:
25 Apr 2013
Size: 228mm x 152mm£22.99

Undesirable Elements

Real People, Real Lives, Real Theater

By Ping Chong

Paperback £22.99

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A collection celebrating twenty years of Undesirable Elements, the series of community-specific theatre works that examines the lives of people living cultures, either by choice or circumstance.

Each Undesirable Elements production grows out of an extended residency, during which Ping Chong and his collaborators conduct interviews with community members and then create a script that explores both historical and personal narratives.

This volume, edited by Sara Zatz, collects four pieces written by Ping Chong, Sara Zatz and Talvin Wilks, in collaboration with the performers:

Undesirable Elements (original production, 1992)
Children of War (2002)
UE 92/06 (anniversary production, 2006)
Inside/Out... voices from the disability community (2008)

Also included in this volume: a section on methodology, interviews with collaborators, a complete production history and an introduction by Alisa Solomon.

Paperback,256 pages ISBN: 9781559363976Publication Date:
25 Apr 2013
Size: 228mm x 152mm£22.99

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