The Village
Ebook, ISBN: 9781788507356Publication Date:
2 Nov 2023
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First Staged:
Almeida Young Company at the Almeida Theatre, London, 2023

The Village

By Abi Falase and Tatenda Shamiso

Ebook £7.99£6.39

A punchy and provocative story about democracy, power, and how we can try to build a better world.

A generation of young people has been let down. Schools are crumbling, the NHS is falling apart, and soon there won't be a planet left to save. It feels like the people in charge simply don't care.

Pushed to the edge, a group of teenagers decide to create a future for themselves, carving out a utopia away from the failings of those who came before. But if you rebuild a society from the ground up, how do you avoid making the same mistakes?

Abi Falase and Tatenda Shamiso's play The Village was first staged at the Almeida Theatre, London, performed by the Almeida Young Company.

Content guidance: This play contains some violent and strong language.

A free downloadable extract of the play is available from this page.

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Downloadable Extract The Village extractTHE_VILLAGE_EXTRACT.pdf
Press Quotes

'Plenty to have fun with in the rehearsal room with this one'

British Theatre Guide
Ebook,ISBN: 9781788507356Publication Date:
2 Nov 2023
£7.99 £6.39You save £1.60 (20%)
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