The Substance of Fire and other plays
Paperback, 180 pages ISBN: 9781559360517Publication Date:
1 Nov 1994
Size: 215mm x 136mm£21.99

The Substance of Fire and other plays

By Jon Robin Baitz

Paperback £21.99

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This collection contains Jon Robin Baitz's debut play, The Film Society, alongside two more recent works: The End of the Day and the title play, The Substance of Fire.

Jon Robin Baitz startled the theatrical world with his 1985 debut, The Film Society. A frank examination of the controlling forces behind a nearly bankrupt private school for boys in South Africa, The Film Society introduced a young playwright with an extraordinarily mature grasp of people, language and society.

Baitz's recent works have fulfilled his early promise and enhanced his reputation. In The Substance of Fire (1991), a fiercely intellectual New York publisher struggles with his children for control of his business, and with the relentless pride which has made him impervious to love.

In The End of the Day (1992), an expatriate British doctor adapts to America by abandoning his ideals and succumbing to the twin lures of status and crime.

Press Quotes

'Marked by the aching articulation, scathing wit and deep convictions of a mature artist with a complete vision'

New York Times
Paperback,180 pages ISBN: 9781559360517Publication Date:
1 Nov 1994
Size: 215mm x 136mm£21.99

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