The Greek Playwright
Paperback, 160 pages ISBN: 9780887548758Publication Date:
27 Feb 2020
Size: 228mm x 152mm£24.99

The Greek Playwright

What the First Dramatists Have To Say To Contemporary Playwrights

By Clem Martini

Paperback £24.99

An exploration of the lessons modern playwrights can learn from the ancient Greeks. From the author of the highly regarding playwriting manual, The Blunt Playwright.

The Greek Playwright outlines the key playwrights of the ancient era, their major works, and the impact they have had on our modern understanding of drama.

Award-winning Canadian playwright, novelist and screenwriter Clem Martini weaves his direct, informative, and entertaining style through centuries of dramatic evolution to show us exactly what the first dramatists have to say to contemporary playwrights.

Paperback,160 pages ISBN: 9780887548758Publication Date:
27 Feb 2020
Size: 228mm x 152mm£24.99

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