Sweat (US edition)
Paperback, 96 pages ISBN: 9781559365321Publication Date:
18 May 2017
Size: 215mm x 135mm£14.99
First Staged:
Oregon Shakespeare Festival, 2015

Sweat (US edition)

By Lynn Nottage

Paperback £14.99

On Stage at:
Donmar Warehouse, London
From Fri 7 Dec 2018 to Sat 2 Feb 2019
Gielgud Theatre, West End
From Fri 7 Jun 2019 to Sat 20 Jul 2019
  • Pulitzer Prize for Drama - 2017
  • Susan Smith Blackburn Prize - 2016

A topical reflection of the present and poignant outcome of America's economic decline.

Filled with warm humour and tremendous heart, Sweat tells the story of a group of friends who have spent their lives sharing drinks, secrets and laughs while working together on the factory floor. But when layoffs and picket lines begin to chip away at their trust, the friends find themselves pitted against each other in a heart-wrenching fight to stay afloat.

Sweat premiered at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in October 2015, and later went on to transfer to Broadway in March 2017. It won the 2016 Susan Smith Blackburn Prize, and the 2017 Pulitzer Prize for Drama.

A UK edition of Sweat is available here.

Press Quotes

'The first theatrical landmark of the Trump era: a tough yet empathetic portrait of the America that came undone'

New Yorker

'Sweat never feels less than authentic — and crucial... Nottage gives us fully realized characters who, even when acting on their worst fears, are grippingly human'


'Keenly observed and often surprisingly funny — but ultimately heartbreaking... traces the roots of a tragedy with both forensic psychological detail and embracing compassion... Ms. Nottage is writing at the peak of her powers'

New York Times

'A timely drama... goes where few playwrights have dared to go — into the heart of working-class America'


'A passionate and necessary drama... Sweat communicates its points with minimal fuss and maximum grit. Along with the rage, despair and violence, there's humor and abundant humanity. Prophetic before the 2016 election, the piece now reads as a cautionary tale of what happens when you don’t know how to resist'

Time Out New York

'A powerful and compassionate song of blue-collar despair'

Hollywood Reporter
Paperback, 96 pages ISBN: 9781559365321Publication Date:
18 May 2017
Size: 215mm x 135mm£14.99

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