Romulus Linney: Six Plays
Paperback, 320 pages ISBN: 9781559360531Publication Date:
1 Jun 1994
Size: 215mm x 137mm£18.99

Romulus Linney: Six Plays

By Romulus Linney

Paperback £18.99

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Six plays from a major talent of the American theatre, endowed with Linney's lyric intensity, and augmented by his rich sense of humour.

In Childe Byron, the dying daughter of the notorious Lord Byron conjures a confrontation with the father she never knew. 

In 2, Linney scrutinizes Hitler's infamous second-in-command Hermann Goering, behind the scenes at the Nuremberg trials.

Tennessee celebrates the indomitability of early Appalachian mountain settlers.

Heathen Valley reveals the same region's citizens subsequent search for faith.

In FM, an authentic genius stumbles into the creative writing course of a small Alabama college.

Set among SoHo literati, April Snow is a compassionate study of a world-weary screenwriter.

Press Quotes

'Linney continues to be one of our most perceptive chroniclers of the folkways of rural America, finding humanity and nobility in the most remote of places'

New York Times
Paperback,320 pages ISBN: 9781559360531Publication Date:
1 Jun 1994
Size: 215mm x 137mm£18.99
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