Richard Maxwell: Plays 1996-2000
Paperback, 340 pages ISBN: 9781559362283Publication Date:
12 May 2005
Size: 215mm x 135mm£16.99

Richard Maxwell: Plays 1996-2000

By Richard Maxwell

Paperback £16.99

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The first collection of work by one of America's most important, vital and original young voices, including Boxing 2000, Caveman and the OBIE-Award winning House.

This volume contains:

Champions of Magic (1m)
Billings (1f 4m)
Superintendants (1f 4m)
Flight Courier Service (2f 3m)
Burger King (2f 4m)
Ute Mnos v. Crazy Liquors (1f 9m plus band)
Debate (1f 1m)
House (1f 3m)
A-1 Rolling Steak House (3m)
Showy Lady Slipper (3f 1m)
Caveman (1f 2m)
Boxing 2000 (1f 8m)

Press Quotes

'Maxwell strips more layers of explanation from the Freudian family romance, shining light on the humiliation and fury usually reasoned out of sight by psychologizing playwrights. Few characters in contemporary drama are as exposed as Maxwell's'

Village Voice
Paperback,340 pages ISBN: 9781559362283Publication Date:
12 May 2005
Size: 215mm x 135mm£16.99

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