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EPUB, 11 pages ISBN: 9781780015811Publication Date:
13 May 2015
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First Staged:
Tron Theatre, Glasgow, 2010


By David Greig

EPUB £3.99£3.19

A writer returning home from Palestine to his wife is gently challenged as to where exactly his priorities lie.

David Grieg's short play Ramallah was first performed as a rehearsed reading at the Royal Court Theatre, London, in March 2004. It received its first production at the Tron Theatre, Glasgow, as part of the triple bill From the West Bank in May 2010.

'I wrote the piece after a number of trips to Palestine working with young playwrights,' explains Grieg. 'It tries to capture the awkwardness of return, because the people at home have carried on and are sort of grounded, while you're kind of still in the air.'

Ramallah is also available in the collection Scottish Shorts.

EPUB, 11 pages ISBN: 9781780015811Publication Date:
13 May 2015
£3.99 £3.19You save £0.80 (20%)

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