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Possible Worlds
Paperback, 80 pages ISBN: 9780887545627Publication Date:
1 Oct 1997
Size: 213mm x 136mm£15.99
First Staged:
St. Lawrence Centre Toronto, Canada 1990

Possible Worlds

By John Mighton

Paperback £15.99

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Two lovers experience a baffling series of relationships together, each one just slightly and tantalizingly different. Awarded the Governer General's Literary Award for Drama in Canada in 1992, the play uses parallel narratives to speculate about questions of identity and the role of imagination in love.

Made into a film by Robert Lepage. 

'every scene is just dazzling... This is like a double espresso for your mind' - Richard Ouzounian, CBC

Press Quotes

'Possible Worlds is a rich and poignant script about the infinite realities that lie in potential... always engrossing theatre. The result is an evocative and subtle theatrical event that lingers in the mind'

Now Magazine
Paperback,80 pages ISBN: 9780887545627Publication Date:
1 Oct 1997
Size: 213mm x 136mm£15.99
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