On New Ground
Paperback, 290 pages ISBN: 9780930452681Publication Date:
10 Jan 1987

On New Ground

Contemporary Hispanic-American plays

Edited by M. Elizabeth Osborn

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Like American society in general, American theatre has been enriched by the influence of Hispanic cultures. This first major collection presents six outstanding authors who write in English but draw from their various Hispanic backgrounds.

Lynne Alvarez's The Guitarron is a mysterious tale set by the Mexican seaside of a meeting between a cellist, two fishermen, a master boatwright and two young lovers.

An Obie award-winning play, The Conduct of Life by Maria Irene Fornes examines the sadistic relationships in the household of a Latin-American torturer.

White Water by John Jesurun is an experimental performance piece looking at the interrogation of an adolescent boy who has witnessed a mysterious healing.

A wedding reception in Southern California provides the setting for Eduardo Machado's darkly comic play, Broken Eggs, which looks at the problems facing a formerly wealthy Cuban family adjusting to life in the United States.

In Jose Rivera's The House of Ramon Iglesia, two generations of a Puerto Rican family clash over who owns their dilapidated house on Long Island and whether their home should be on Long Island at all.

The return of a long-absent father to his Chicano family is the scene for Milcha Sanchez-Scott's Roosters and the cause of much confusion, fiery conflict, humour and poetry.

The volume also contains profiles on each of the writers and a preface from editor M. Elizabeth Osborn.

Paperback, 290 pages ISBN: 9780930452681Publication Date:
10 Jan 1987

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