Insurrection: Holding History
Paperback, 113 pages ISBN: 9781559361576Publication Date:
10 Jan 1999
Size: 216mm x 137mm£11.99

Insurrection: Holding History

By Robert O'Hara

Paperback £11.99

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  • Oppenheimer Award for Best New Playwright - 1998

An African-American graduate student is transported back through time, with his 189-year-old grandfather, to Nat Turner's infamous slave rebellion.

This stunning debut play by a young black writer is a powerful metaphorical investigation into the scars of repression on both race and homosexuality in America.

Winner of the prestigious Oppenheimer Award for Best New Playwright 1998.

'A wild, thrilling ride down one of history's darkest, scariest corridors. Robert O'Hara employs a language of wicked wit, of deliberate and immensely provocative outrageousness to speak a vast, bloody, unapproachable outrage' Tony Kushner

Robert O'Hara's Insurrection: Holding History is also available in the volume The Fire This Time: African American Plays for the 21st Century.

Paperback,113 pages ISBN: 9781559361576Publication Date:
10 Jan 1999
Size: 216mm x 137mm£11.99

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