The Golden Rules of Acting - BUNDLE DEAL
Imprint: NHB Bundles
Paperback, ISBN: NHB184842253aPublication Date:
3 Oct 2019

The Golden Rules of Acting - BUNDLE DEAL

Limited time offer: both Golden Rules books for just £10!

By Andy Nyman

Paperback £10.00


Get Andy Nyman's The Golden Rules of Acting and More Golden Rules of Acting for just £10 (plus postage & packing)

This limited-time offer, available through this website only, is for the original Golden Rules of Acting paperback book PLUS the new More Golden Rules of Acting paperback, out on 3 October 2019.

Each book is a treasure trove of advice, support and encouragement that no performer should be without.

Please note: the two books will be dispatched together, on or soon after 3 October 2019.

Praise for The Golden Rules of Acting:

'I absolutely devoured this book. Yes, it's witty but it's also sincere, informative, practical and humble in its truths' Toni Collette

'This little book is a must-read for every aspiring actor and actress, including all established performers – and I have recommended it to many since reading it. It confirms and reaffirms why we are in this profession. Not only does it impart hard-earned knowledge, it does so with a sense of fun, a little mischief, and always with dignity, which (let's face it) can take a daily beating. It's probably the most important book on acting and actors I've ever read; period! Keep it by your bedside at all times!' Liam Neeson OBE

'Christians have the Bible, now actors have this book. At last, everyone is happy' Simon Pegg

'Andy's distilled guidebook is smart, hilarious, and just might get you work!' Neil Patrick Harris

'Like having a friend in your pocket! Supremely practical, wise, reassuring, inspiring and funny – chockful of good humour and good sense' Keeley Hawes

'Honest, uplifting, expert advice from a genius of the craft' Riz Ahmed

'Like its author, this little book is packed full of wit, wisdom and good things' Matthew Macfadyen

'When I was starting out, wanting to read about how to unlock the mysteries of working in the theatre, I could only turn to Stanislavski. But now, you lucky young people (and indeed people of all ages), there is Nyman. One-tenth the length, a hundred times funnier and crammed with practical wisdom… read it and in every sense, you'll have a head start' Trevor Nunn

'A wonderful insight into the secrets of success that will help anyone achieve their dreams' Richard Wiseman (author, 59 Seconds: Think a little, change a lot)

Press Quotes

'A complete joy, unique, a book for all seasons'

'Sage advice and wisdom for actors, and non-actors alike... truthful, eye-opening and insightful, reading it feels like getting tips and advice from a friend down the pub; it is a goldmine of information'

Huffington Post

'It's a little book and it's fun. If you get only one useful nugget it will have paid for itself... Worth the cover price for the quotations alone'

The Stage
Imprint: NHB Bundles
Paperback, ISBN: NHB184842253aPublication Date:
3 Oct 2019

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