Felt Effects
Published in volume Fair & Felt Effects: two plays
First Staged:
Theatre 503, London, 2006

Felt Effects

By Joy Wilkinson
Published in volume Fair & Felt Effects: two plays
  • Joint Winner of the Verity Bargate Award - 2004

A play that unearths the seismic relationship between two half-sisters and their mother when they are forced together in the A&E ward of the local hospital.

Tremors happen around us everyday and are so weak they are classified as 'Not Felt', but the effects of the earthquake now erupting under this family's feet are impossible to ignore.

Joy Wilkinson's play Felt Effects was joint-winner of the 2004 Verity Bargate Award and was first staged at Theatre503, London, in 2006.

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Fair & Felt Effects: two plays

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