Paperback, 104 pages ISBN: 9781636700090Publication Date:
26 May 2022
Size: 215mm x 136mm£19.99
First Staged:
Madison Repertory Theatre, Madison, Wisconsin, 2003


By Sarah Ruhl

Paperback £19.99

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Alice in Wonderland meets Greek myth in this playful, heart-breaking American take on a timeless tale of loss, grief and redemption.

Eurydice is in love with Orpheus. Her dead father has advice for her wedding but his letters can't get through to the land of the living. At last one does. With her father's words in her hand, she crashes down a flight of stairs and wakes in the underworld, her memory wiped as clean as glass. How will she ever get home?

Sarah Ruhl's play Eurydice was premiered at Madison Repertory Theatre, Madison, Wisconsin, in September 2003. It was subsequently produced at Berkeley Repertory Theatre, California, in October 2004.

Eurydice is also available in the collection The Clean House and other plays.

Press Quotes

'The most moving exploration of the theme of loss that the American theater has produced'

New York Times

'Eurydice is a luminous retelling of the Orpheus myth from his beloved wife's point of view. Watching it, we enter a singular, surreal world, as lush and limpid as a dream—an anxiety dream of love and loss—where both author and audience swim in the magical, sometimes menacing, and always thrilling flow of the unconscious… Ruhl's theatrical voice is reticent and daring, accurate and outlandish'

New Yorker

'As I watched the final minutes of the Yale Rep's knockout production of Sarah Ruhl's Eurydice, tears came with the suddenness of grief… The heroine's arrival in Hades (by elevator, accompanied by a stunning surge of rain) is memorable for technical reasons, but it wouldn't mean a thing without this playwright's singular voice… While Eurydice is certainly a play for our fearful times, it is about every death, every loss, every paralyzing pang of grief… Sarah Ruhl has looked into the heart of darkness and found an awful beauty'

New York Times
Paperback,104 pages ISBN: 9781636700090Publication Date:
26 May 2022
Size: 215mm x 136mm£19.99

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