Paperback, 120 pages ISBN: 9780369103826Publication Date:
23 Mar 2023
Size: 213mm x 134mm£23.99


By kai fig taddei

Paperback £23.99

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Estranged teenage cousins Eli and Kat have recently met online and bonded over their queer identities, but they have a limited understanding of each other's very different realities. In Italy, soft-spoken Eli is trying to find a way to come out as trans to his conservative Roman Catholic family. In Canada, strong-headed Kat is desperate for connection to a culture and place she's never known.

Kat and her friend Hannah are the only ones who know that Eli is trans—not even his brother Matteo knows. And while her intentions are good, Kat's decision to crowdfund a flight for Eli to attend Toronto Pride unknowingly outs him to the public, setting off a chain of events that leave the cousins and their loved ones reeling.

Full of poetry, laughter, and big questions, kai fig taddei's play Duecentomila is a touching story that paints a portrait of what it's like for young people wanting to reconcile what they've inherited with what feels right.

Paperback,120 pages ISBN: 9780369103826Publication Date:
23 Mar 2023
Size: 213mm x 134mm£23.99
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