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Paperback, 128 pages ISBN: 9781559364102Publication Date:
25 Oct 2012
Size: 215mm x 135mm£18.99
First Staged:
Goodman Theatre, Chicago 2011, then Broadway


By David Henry Hwang

Paperback £18.99

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Daniel, an American, wants to open up China for his business. There are only three things standing in his way: he can't speak the language, he can't learn the customs, and he's falling in love with the one woman he can't have.

David Henry Hwang's Chinglish is a hilarious comedy about the misadventures of miscommunication, exploring the modern difficulty of doing business between East and West. It was premiered at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago, Illinois, in 2011, and transferred to Broadway later that year.

It was first performed in the UK at Park Theatre, London, in 2017.

'The first rule of doing business in China is also the last. Always bring your own translator.'

Press Quotes

'Highly amusing… the problems – and possibilities – of language are everywhere here, as Hwang captures beautifully that unworldly sense of being let loose in a foreign culture'

Evening Standard

'Brilliantly funny… with a twisting plot and strong characters, it leaves you laughing but aware of an inevitable chasm of difference between the two cultures that means something will always be lost in translation


'Shrewd, timely and razor-sharp comedy'

Chicago Tribune

'A triumph in any language. Chinglish is sexy, fun and hilarious.'

New York Magazine
Paperback,128 pages ISBN: 9781559364102Publication Date:
25 Oct 2012
Size: 215mm x 135mm£18.99

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