Baby Dolls
Ebook, 15 pages ISBN: 9781780019826Publication Date:
26 Oct 2017
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First Staged:
Hackney Attic, 2015

Baby Dolls

By Tamara von Werthern

Ebook £2.99£2.39

A futuristic comedy about conception, state control and rebellion.

Three women meet at a baby shower. But darker things than cupcakes and babygrows are on their mind.

Tamara von Werthern's short play Baby Dolls was first performed at Hackney Attic in 2015.

Baby Dolls is also available in a volume with The White Bike.

Ebook,15 pages ISBN: 9781780019826Publication Date:
26 Oct 2017
£2.99 £2.39You save £0.60 (20%)

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