Amaryllis & Little Witch
Paperback, 136 pages ISBN: 9780369101143Publication Date:
22 Apr 2021
Size: 194mm x 130mm£24.99

Amaryllis & Little Witch

By Pascal Brullemans Translated by Alexis Diamond

Paperback £24.99

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Two dark fairy tales from Canadian playwright Pascal Brullemans.

In Amaryllis, a preteen goes missing on her birthday. Amaryllis heads out with her sister Fey's ashes, determined to scatter the remains and set Fey free. But when she discovers that Fey is stuck between life and death, she realises she has to join Fey on a trek to the Land of the Dead.

In Little Witch, a sickly mother and her daughter live in the deep, dark wood. One day, Big Witch finds an ogre caught in a trap. They make a deal: in return for saving him, the ogre agrees to take care of Little Witch once Big Witch has passed away. Soon, the little girl finds herself in the ogre's home, frightened and alone except for her pet cat. But when a Hunter Boy gets caught by the ogre, Little Witch must make a choice: save herself, save the boy, or choose another path.

Both plays are published here in English translations by Alexis Diamond.

Paperback,136 pages ISBN: 9780369101143Publication Date:
22 Apr 2021
Size: 194mm x 130mm£24.99

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