A Bed of Roses
First Staged:
Hull Truck at the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, 1977

A Bed of Roses

By Mike Bradwell

From Bethlehem to black magic to Blue Peter, A Bed of Roses is an acerbic and funny play about middle-class hypocrisy and universal apathy. It was written for Hull Truck Theatre Company in 1977.

Reverend Alex Bridie preaches understanding and forgiveness for his fellow humans. His do-gooding wife Meg practices what he's preaching with prison visits to the soon-to-be-released Trevor. Philip and Wayne avoid real life with TV impressions in the pub, but Philip's fiancée Julie is determined to bring him back to reality – and round to the Bridies' house to discuss their upcoming wedding.

But the Rev. Bridie is forced to rethink his cherished beliefs when his wife brings the newly at-large Trevor and his flakey flatmate into their lives – and into their home.

A Bed of Roses was devised over twelve weeks in Hull in the summer of 1977. The actors were Colin Goddard, Kathy Iddon, Robin Soans, Mia Soteriou, David Threlfall, Heather Tobias and Alan Williams. It was written and directed by Mike Bradwell.

‘It seems that most of our churches specifically bar their doors to keep out the very people who God is most anxious should come in. Who is your house open to?’

Press Quotes

'Hilariously funny, extremely moving and physically frightening... a small masterpiece'

Time Out

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