The Gay Heritage Project
Paperback, 204 pages ISBN: 9781770917989Publication Date:
21 Feb 2019
Size: 215mm x 135mm£28.99
First Staged:
Toronto, 2013

The Gay Heritage Project

By Damian Atkins, Paul Dunn and Andrew Kushnir

Paperback £28.99

This isn't your ordinary history project.

In what has become an important piece of contemporary queer theatre, three of Canada's most gifted performers - Damien Atkins, Paul Dunn, and Andrew Kushnir - go on a search way past Google in order to find the history of gay people.

The trio start their quest by looking back at their own lineages and move along to the library, the Yellow Brick Road, Ukraine, a game show, and a court. They discover handfuls of forgotten heroes and stories, but also visit some well-known names, compiling everything into one extraordinary history lesson that shines new light on contemporary gay culture.

Equal parts personal curiosity, answers to the past, and information for the future, The Gay Heritage Project is a hilarious, thought-provoking meta tale that inspires, comforts, challenges, and empowers.

Press Quotes

'The Gay Heritage Project is funny, smart, and moving. Pretty much everything you could want in a show'

The Georgia Straight
Paperback,204 pages ISBN: 9781770917989Publication Date:
21 Feb 2019
Size: 215mm x 135mm£28.99
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