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Bird (Lomas)

A cutting-edge monologue that throws light on the experience of a teenager in contemporary Britain, from one of the country's most exciting young playwrights.

    Where I'm From

    A monologue play about a woman on the day of her release from prison.

      The Distance

      A painfully funny play about motherhood (and fatherhood), about keeping control, and about letting go.

      Our Few and Evil Days

      A chilling yet deeply human story about the limits of devotion.

      Chicken Shop

      A dark and twisted coming-of-age story by the Bruntwood Prize-winning author of Yen.

      The White Devil (RSC version)

      A violent tragedy, regarded as one of the great works of Jacobean theatre. Features the text edited for the 2014 RSC production, and introductions by key members of its creative team.


      A punchy and provocative new play by the Bruntwood Prize-winning author of Yen.

      Thérèse Raquin (Zola/Edmundson)

      A story of lust, madness and destruction set in the backstreets of Paris. Based on Emile Zola's classic novel.

      The Middlemarch Trilogy: Dorothea's Story

      Part of The Middlemarch Trilogy, adapted from George Eliot's novel by Geoffrey Beevers. Three interconnected plays, telling the story of Middlemarch from the perspective of a different set of characters: from county, town and countryside.

      Published in volume The Middlemarch Trilogy

        The Middlemarch Trilogy

        Three plays based on George Eliot's classic novel, which can be performed as a trilogy or as standalone pieces.

        The Girl's Guide to Saving the World

        A frank and funny new play about friendship, feminism and what it means to be successful.

        Lizzie Siddal

        A gripping historical drama charting one woman's dazzling trajectory from model to lover to artist, to a tragic figure in her own right.