Who is Sylvia?

Cast: 5f 6m

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Imprint: Nick Hern Books
Published in volume Who is Sylvia? and Duologue
First Staged:
Criterion Theatre, London, 1950

Who is Sylvia?

By Terence Rattigan
Published in volume Who is Sylvia? and Duologue

Obsessed with a girl called Sylvia, whom he kissed just once at a garden party when he was 17, Mark makes a habit of pursuing physically identical girls for the rest of his life - despite having a wife and growing son.

We meet him - and Oscar, his fellow philanderer - in 1917, again in 1929, and finally in 1950, each time in thrall to a different but identical ‘Sylvia'...

Who is Sylvia? premiered in the West End in 1950, where it ran for over a year. It is probably Rattigan's bittersweet portayal of his father - and maybe of his own frustrated love life.

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