The Guid Sisters

Cast: 15f

Staging: Single interior set

Amateur rights performance fee: £75 per performance (plus VAT where applicable)

First Staged:
Tron Theatre, Glasgow, 1989

The Guid Sisters

By Michel Tremblay Translated by Bill Findlay and Martin Bowman

A Scots version of Michel Tremblay's Les Belles Soeurs (Montreal, 1968), translated by Bill Findlay & Martin Bowman.

Germaine Lauzon has won a million Green Shield stamps. She invites her female friends and relations to a party to paste the stamps into the books. The temptation to pilfer the stamps is irresistible and an enormous fight breaks out.

The Guid Sisters was first performed at the Tron Theatre, Glasgow, in 1989.

Press Quotes

'When Tremblay's Les Belles Soeurs opened in Montreal in 1968 it shocked, it confounded, and established the then 26-year-old playwright's reputation immediately ... Tremblay is not merely a Quebecois writer, he is a cultural hero'


'A sharp, merciless black comedy ... the Tremblay dialogue - written in the once despised 'joual' French dialect of Quebec - translates into urban Scots as though the languages were long lost twins'


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