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A play written for young people to perform, about two schoolgirls and their daring response to the Cuban Missile Crisis.

The Dark Room

An intricately layered psychological thriller exposing the startling mistreatment of those most vulnerable in our society, at the hands of those who are meant to protect them.


A beautiful, ferocious play about the bonds that tie us, and how we sometimes need to break them.

Daughters of the Revolution

A political thriller set in the midst of a bitterly fought US governor's election, from the Democrat perspective. Part of David Edgar's two-play cycle, Continental Divide.

Published in volume Continental Divide: two plays

    Death and the Maiden

    A woman seeks revenge when the man she believes to have been her torturer happens to re-enter her life.

    The Deep Blue Sea

    Written in the early fifties when Rattigan was at the height of his powers, The Deep Blue Sea is a powerful account of lives blighted by love - or the lack of it.


    A deeply provocative thriller set in a blighted landscape where nature is fiercely taking its course, Deluge is a gripping drama from the Papatango Prize-winning author of Coolatully.

    Di and Viv and Rose

    A warm and funny play about female friendship, crackling with wit and poignant observation.

    The Distance

    A painfully funny play about motherhood (and fatherhood), about keeping control, and about letting go.

    A Doll's House

    By Henrik Ibsen Translated by Kenneth McLeish

    Ibsen's revolutionary tale of a woman's awakening to her need for a life of her own.

    The Domino Effect

    The Domino Effect is an ensemble play for teenage performers created by award-winning playwright Fin Kennedy.

    Doris Day

    A short play about two police officers and their different expectations of the job.

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