If I Forget and Other Plays
Paperback, 280 pages ISBN: 9781636700076Publication Date:
11 Jan 2024
Size: 213mm x 134mm£28.99

If I Forget and Other Plays

By Steven Levenson

Paperback £28.99

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Three extraordinary plays from the Tony Award-winning writer of Dear Evan Hansen.

In If I Forget, Michael Fischer is reunited with his sisters to celebrate their father's seventy-fifth birthday. Each deeply invested in their own version of family history, the siblings clash over everything from Michael's controversial scholarly work to the pressures of caring for their ailing parent. As destructive secrets bubble to the surface, the three negotiate how much of the past they're willing to sacrifice for a chance at a new beginning.

A powerful tale of a family and a culture at odds with itself, If I Forget was premiered by Roundabout Theater Company in New York in 2017.

In The Unavoidable Disappearance of Tom Durnin, Tom Durnin has done time for his white-collar crime. Now he's determined to win back the respect he believes he deserves, even if that means ripping apart the new life his family has so carefully put together in his absence. Tom's son warily allows his father to camp out on his couch, hoping the man who let everyone down has finally turned a new page. After a lifetime of empty promises, can Tom find a place in a family that has worked so hard to move on without him? 

A funny, raw and moving play about the price we pay for defaulting on those we love, The Unavoidable Disappearance of Tom Durnin was premiered at the Roundabout Theater Company's Laura Pels Theater in 2013.

In The Language of Trees, an American translator ventures to a Middle East combat zone, and an overfriendly neighbour back home volunteers to help his wife and son as they come to terms with his absence. As events abroad begin to spiral out of control, lives are turned upside down, and all are forced to confront the complexities of war, the fragility of language, and the meaning of neighbourliness in an age of terror.

The Language of Trees was premiered by Roundabout Theater Company in 2008.

Press Quotes

'Passionate and provoking, If I Forget is a family play and a political play... the Fischers come vibrantly alive in this playwright's funny, bruising, searching voice'

New York Times

'Gripping... The problem with many family dramas is that the families are so often hateful. Levenson avoids that trap in If I Forget, writing about a tribe of middle-aged Jewish neurotics who snipe and squabble after the death of their mother—but who love one another... One secret after another is teased out'


'Magnificent... The miraculous thing about Levenson's talent is that he makes us understand the Fischers' private code even though it's not our family... An amazing play'

Paperback,280 pages ISBN: 9781636700076Publication Date:
11 Jan 2024
Size: 213mm x 134mm£28.99

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