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Havana is Waiting and other plays
Paperback, 304 pages ISBN: 9781559363662Publication Date:
2 Aug 2011
Size: 214mm x 136mm£17.99

Havana is Waiting and other plays

By Eduardo Machado

Paperback £17.99

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Eduardo Machado’s Havana is Waiting and other plays examines the intersection of the personal and the political on a generation of immigrants. With humor and passion, the author pursues his lifelong exploration of the Cuban-American experience in this new collection.

Havana is Waiting examines the complex relationships that exist not only between men, but between the countries in which they live.

The comedy Kissing Fidel is set in an upscale Miami funeral home where a Cuban-American family for its matriarch’s final rights.

Crocodile Eyes examines the lives of men without jobs, food or spiritual guidance who find hope in the teachings of the fascist brown shirts.

Also includes The Cook.

Press Quotes

'transmits a head-over-heels love for the theater'

New York Times on 'Havana is Waiting'

'a fascinating play... extraordinarily daring, discomforting, and ambitious'

theatermania.com on 'Kissing Fidel'

'the kitchen is used as a metaphor to examine the oppression and betrayals of both exile and revolution [in] a shining theatrical experience'

New Yorker on 'The Cook'

'it has an undeniable power'

New York Times on 'Crocodile Eyes'
Paperback,304 pages ISBN: 9781559363662Publication Date:
2 Aug 2011
Size: 214mm x 136mm£17.99

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