Handbook of Acting Techniques
Imprint: Nick Hern Books
Paperback, 320 pages ISBN: 9781854595423Publication Date:
10 Jul 2008
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Handbook of Acting Techniques

Edited by Arthur Bartow

Paperback £16.99£13.59

A unique survey of the twentieth century's most influential acting methods, offering invaluable practical insights for actors and drama teachers.

Each of the ten famous techniques included in this handbook is described in detail by one of today's foremost practitioners. Each chapter outlines the development of the respective technique and offers practical guidance for actors wishing to explore it for themselves.

• Lee Strasberg Technique by Anna Strasberg
• Stella Adler Technique by Tom Oppenheim
• Sanford Meisner Technique by Victoria Hart
• Michael Chekhov Technique and The Mask by Per Brahe
• Uta Hagen's Technique by Carol Rosenfeld
• Physical Acting Inspired by Grotowski by Stephen Wangh
• The Viewpoints by Mary Overlie
• Practical Aesthetics by Robert Bella
• Interdisciplinary Training by Fritz Ertl
• Neo-classical Training by Louis Scheeder

Press Quotes

'A remarkable and significant book... The thing that makes it so special is that editor Arthur Bartow brings together chapters on all the major practitioners written by other highly respected teachers and practitioners'

Imprint: Nick Hern Books
Paperback,320 pages ISBN: 9781854595423Publication Date:
10 Jul 2008
Size: 216mm x 138mm£16.99 £13.59You save £3.40 (20%)

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