Forty Winks
Paperback, 64 pages ISBN: 9781854598295Publication Date:
11 Nov 2004
Size: 198mm x 129mm£7.99 £6.39You save £1.60 (20%)
First Staged:
Royal Court Theatre, London, 2004

Forty Winks

By Kevin Elyot

Paperback £7.99£6.39

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A heart-wrenching drama of anguish and missed opportunities, from the author of My Night With Reg.

Don is still carrying a torch for Diana, his childhood sweetheart stolen away by Howard. Don unexpectedly drops in on Howard and Diana, having not seen them for 15 years. They now have a daughter, Hermia, who is the spit of Diana when Don first fell for her, so all his old longings bubble dangerously to the surface.

Kevin Elyot's play Forty Winks was first staged at the Royal Court Theatre, London, in 2004.

Press Quotes

'Crackles with social unease and dangerous desire'

Daily Telegraph

'Kevin Elyot depicts doomed yet persistent passions with an intensity that all the more riveting for being constrained and entwined with humour... it is hard to take your eyes off his new play'

Independent on Sunday
Paperback,64 pages ISBN: 9781854598295Publication Date:
11 Nov 2004
Size: 198mm x 129mm£7.99 £6.39You save £1.60 (20%)

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