Don't Start Me to Talking...
Paperback, 480 pages ISBN: 9781559364195Publication Date:
16 Jun 2016
Size: 215mm x 135mm£32.00

Don't Start Me to Talking...

Plays of Struggle and Liberation

By John O'Neal

Paperback £32.00

A collection of nine plays by the acclaimed performer and civil rights activist John O'Neal.

O'Neal is best known for his Junebug Jabbo Jones cycle of plays, a remarkable collection of tales and anecdotes drawn from African-American oral literature, which he has performed all over the globe. Five of these plays are included in this career-spanning volume:

  • Don't Start Me to Talking Or I'll Tell Everything I Know
  • You Can't Judge A Book By Looking At The Cover
  • Ain't No Use In Going Home, Jodie's Got Your Gal And Gone
  • 'Til The Midnight Hour
  • Trying To Find My Way Back Home

Also included are four of O'Neal's large-scale ensemble productions, performed by his ensemble company Junebug Productions:

  • Like Poison Ivy: Indigo Variations
  • Junebug/Jack
  • Promise of a Love Song
  • Crossing the Broken Bridge

The volume also includes select introductory material to each of the plays.

'The subtlety and strength of Mr. O'Neal's performance are something to behold. He is a very funny man and a great actor.' New Yorker

'A dramatic tale spinner with a canny sense of humor and a winning, engaging stage presence... O'Neal's shows mix folksiness, a sophisticated sense of theatricality and astute observation that are a pleasure to watch.' Philadelphia Inquirer

Paperback,480 pages ISBN: 9781559364195Publication Date:
16 Jun 2016
Size: 215mm x 135mm£32.00
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