Buggy Baby
Ebook, 70 pages ISBN: 9781788500371Publication Date:
8 Mar 2018
£7.99 £6.39You save £1.60 (20%)
First Staged:
Yard Theatre, London, 2018

Buggy Baby

By Josh Azouz

Ebook £7.99£6.39

A horror comedy about trying to build a normal life when nothing about life is normal.

Jaden, Nur and baby Aya have escaped another country and ended up in a rotting room in London. While Nur is at college, Jaden chews leaves and has visions of giant rabbits with burning red eyes. He thinks Aya is someone else, someone dangerous. But she's just a baby. Isn't she?

Josh Azouz's play Buggy Baby premiered at The Yard, London, in March 2018, directed by Ned Bennett.

Buggy Baby is also available in the volume Buggy Baby & The Mikvah Project: Two Plays.

Press Quotes

'Startling... a theatrical rollercoaster... a visceral watch that swings from humour to horror in a flash... It gets horribly, hauntingly under your skin'


'Like a surreal Harold Pinter play, Josh Azouz's brilliantly warped fairytale is very weird and uncomfortably funny'


'Bizarre, baffling, brilliant… tells a serious story about emigration and social isolation in the most stylised way possible'

The Stage

'A surreal but not uncaring comedy about the isolation and alienation of becoming a refugee, shut off and going slightly mad… undeniably bloody stimulating'

Time Out

'Flits between kitchen sink realism to surrealism and from comedy to horror… a story of poverty, refugees, single mums, post-traumatic stress disorder, and bunny rabbits carrying bazookas'


'Self-aware and triumphantly obscure… there is a horror here and a rumbling fear that begins to claw at us, a wild energy that begins to pull us in'

Exeunt Magazine
Ebook,70 pages ISBN: 9781788500371Publication Date:
8 Mar 2018
£7.99 £6.39You save £1.60 (20%)

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