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Used Blood Junkyard

Làzaro, his mates and his porn-star girlfriend are 'art terrorists'... Can anything stop their killing spree?

Published in volume Mexican Plays

    The Unmanageable Sisters

    A funny and furious new version of Michel Tremblay’s fêted Québécoise comedy, Les Belles-Soeurs.

    Uncle Vanya

    Chekhov's great play about an elderly professor whose plans to sell off his rural estate threaten the livelihoods of those who have worked tirelessly to keep the estate going.

    Uncle Vanya

    Conor McPherson's stunning adaptation of the Anton Chekhov masterpiece, a portrayal of life at the turn of the twentieth century, full of tumultuous frustration, dark humour and hidden passions.

    Tuesdays at Tesco's

    A touching one-person play about a person's true identity, the first English-language adaptation of Emmanuel Darley's hit play, Le Mardi à Monoprix.

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    With a Welsh-language translation, Un Bore Mawrth

    By Alison Carr Translated by Daf James

    A funny and playful drama written specifically for young people, about what happens when the world literally turns upside-down. Bilingual edition: includes the original English play with a Welsh-language translation, Un Bore Mawrth, by playwright Daf James.

    A Tragic Figure

    A comic duologue about a civil servant sweltering in Moscow coping with the incessant demands of his family from their summer dacha.

    Published in volume Chekhov: Shorts

      A Time to Reap

      A play that follows one woman from a Polish village to the bright lights of London, exploring the issue of abortion and the Catholic Church.


      By Seneca Translated by Caryl Churchill

      Atreus, Agamemnon's father, takes revenge on his brother Thyestes by murdering Thyestes' sons and serving their flesh up for their father's dinner.

      Three Sisters

      Chekhov's masterpiece of provincial claustrophobia, translated and introduced by Stephen Mulrine.

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      Three Sisters

      By Anton Chekhov Translated by Paul Schmidt

      A clear, colloquial and accurate translation of Chekhov's play about the Prozorov family's dream of returning from the provinces to an idealised Moscow.

      Three Sisters

      Cordelia Lynn's version of Chekhov's play, about three sisters trapped in a provincial town, waiting for their lives to begin.

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