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Edward III

Officially attributed to Shakespeare only in 1998, Edward III is set in the age of chivalry and chronicles the beginning of the 100 Years War. Following the exploits of Edward, the Black Prince, it also acts as a prequel to Richard II.

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A dark comedy about female friendship, fertility and freaking out, by Florence Keith-Roach, 'rising star of the London theatre scene' (Evening Standard).

Egusi Soup

A fast and funny family drama about intergenerational and cross-cultural relationships - containing plenty of spicy bits…


Eight compelling monologues offering a state-of-the-nation group portrait for the stage.

Electric Rosary

A sharp, timely and gloriously funny play that asks what faith really means in the age of artificial intelligence. Winner of the Bruntwood Prize Judges' Award.


A sharp black comedy with a tender heart that explores the paths we take in life and their repercussions on the people we love most.

Emma (stage version)

A bold, witty and fresh adaptation of Jane Austen's novel which, while thoroughly modern, retains the spirit and much of the language of the original.

The Empty Quarter

A play confronting the challenges we face in a foreign land, asking where, or to whom, we belong.


The Encounter

A solo show tracing one man's journey into the Amazon rainforest and to the limits of human consciousness, inspired by the book Amazon Beaming by Petru Popescu.

the end of history...

A play about families, parenting, and gigantic clashes of values.

Enter A Gentleman

A 15-minute play based on Restoration playwright Aphra Behn's tempestuous love affair with John Hoyle.

Published in volume Fishskin Trousers

    Epic Love and Pop Songs

    A smart, funny play about love, friendship and growing up, from the author of WINK and Fury.