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Chalet Lines

A shockingly funny journey through five decades of birthdays, weddings and hen dos, that asks if we can ever cut the apron strings that tie us to our parents.

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The God of Soho

A hectic and hilarious morality tale for the modern world.

Life After George

A moving and perceptive play that looks at social change across three decades, from the student barricades of the late 1960s to the new millennium.

I Am Shakespeare

A fascinating, witty and characteristically exuberant dramatic exploration of the Shakespeare authorship debate.


A sharp comedy about power games and privacy in the media and beyond.

Forever House

A darkly comic drama of buried secrets and new beginnings, with three linked scenes all set in the same terraced house.

The Low Road

A fable of free market economics and cut-throat capitalism.

Jumpers for Goalposts

A hilarious and heart-warming comedy about football, friendship and finding your way.


Join five Irish women with five different stories on a girl’s night in to remember.

The Three Lions

A sharp, hilarious behind-the-scenes glimpse of diplomacy in action, centering on England's bid for the 2018 World Cup.


A sharp, dark comedy that explores the inescapable difference between feeling 19 and being 19.

Fault Lines

A razor-sharp new comedy that exposes the dilemmas of working in charity today and asks whether doing good is always the same as being good.