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#aiww: The Arrest of Ai Weiwei

A timely play based on the true story of an imprisoned Nobel Laureate.

About a Goth

A short play about a young man who volunteers in old people's homes, and suffers paroxyms of love and hate for the residents.

Published in volume Me, As A Penguin

    According to Hoyle

    A comedy drama about male friendship in which five old friends meet for a traditional evening of poker.

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    By Maya Arad Yasur Translated by Eran Edry

    A strikingly original, audacious thriller from a prize-winning Israeli writer.

    And Then Come The Nightjars

    A tender, frank and funny play about a West Country farm struggling to survive the Foot and Mouth pandemic.


    A suspicious death at the workplace and loner security guard Nick Prentice is hauled in for interrogation. An uproarious underworld whodunit, Ronan O’Donnell’s single-hander reworks the hardboiled crime thriller for our times.

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    Animal Farm (stage version)

    A powerful and straightforward dramatisation of Orwell's enduring parable on the perils of totalitarianism.

    The Arrival

    A taut family drama about obsession, betrayal and the human need to belong.

    At the Table

    By Marcos Barbosa Translated by Mark O'Thomas

    An unnerving short play by Brazilian playwright Marcos Barbosa.

    Published in volume Almost Nothing & At the Table


      A gut-wrenchingly funny, achingly sad play featuring jaw-dropping moments of physical comedy.


      By David Planell Translated by John Clifford

      A play by young Spanish dramatist David Planell, about the hilarious attempt to get an accident video shown on TV, releasing undercurrents of racism in society.

      Being Friends

      The first of the three plays that make up Robert Holman's acclaimed dramatic trilogy Making Noise Quietly.