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A play of two voices for one actor, about memory, catastrophe and sacrifice.

The Slaves of Solitude (stage version)

A fascinating blend of dark hilarity and melancholy, woven from Patrick Hamilton’s much-loved story about an improbable heroine in wartime Britain.

small hours

A collaborative theatre piece created by playwrights Lucy Kirkwood and Ed Hime with theatre director Katie Mitchell, dissecting the claustrophobic world of a new mother struggling to cope on her own.

Snatches: Moments from 100 Years of Women's Lives

Eight Monologues

A collection of monologues that document, remember and bear witness to a century of struggle for progress and equality for women in the United Kingdom.

soft animals

A tender and unflinching story about motherhood, self-destruction and the way women help each other heal.

Something Awful

A thrilling play inspired by the true-crime story of the Slenderman.


A brilliant and painfully truthful portrait of Stanley Spencer, the wayward genius of modern British painting.

The Steamie

A celebration of women's work in a Glasgow wash-house set on Hogmanay.

Published in volume Scot-Free


    A play exploring the last three decades of women in politics, asking what's changed and what still must.


    A funny and touching new play about the fertilisation of an idea.

    strangers, babies

    The chilling story of one woman's desperate attempts at a future that's worth living.

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    The Strongbox

    A story of domestic servitude and abuse of power.