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Black Love

An explosion of form-busting storytelling, combining real-life stories, imagined worlds, and new songs inspired by an R&B heritage.

The Same

A play about two women who meet in a psychiatric institution.

Published in volume Medicine & The Same: two plays


    A witty and tender play about two old flames who meet again, after thirty years, at a student reunion.


    A thrilling and razor-sharp twisted comedy on the corrosive effects of social media and isolation.

    Little Wars

    Set in the French Alps in 1940, this thrilling play – based on truth – is an enthralling, entertaining and ultimately moving portrait of seven exceptional women.

    The Motherhood Project

    Monologues and Reflections on Motherhood

    A collection of dramatic monologues and real-life reflections by some of the UK's leading writers, artists and thinkers, and explores all the guilt, joy and absurdity, the regrets, pressures and taboos surrounding motherhood.

    The Last of the Pelican Daughters

    A comedy about four sisters trying to come to terms with their mother's death.

    Run Sister Run

    A witty and heartfelt play about two sisters, exploring family, class and dependence.


    A play about two mothers united in sorrow, sharing the hardship of protecting their sons – one in life, and one in death.


    A play about class, consent and transgressions buried in the past, set over the course of one winesoaked evening in a Dublin restaurant.

    Nora : A Doll's House

    By Stef Smith Original author Henrik Ibsen

    A bold new version of Ibsen's brutal portrayal of womanhood.

    The Incident Room

    A play about the manhunt for the Yorkshire Ripper, going behind the scenes to investigate the case that nearly broke the British police force.