Plays licensed through NHB at Edinburgh Fringe 2015

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

We're so excited to have licensed no fewer than 11 excellent plays at this year's Edinburgh Fringe!

To celebrate, we have asked a few companies taking one of our plays up to the Fringe to report back on their experience.

We are publishing two blog pieces - the first one deals with their reasons for taking their chosen plays up, their hopes and aspirations, challenges faced during rehearsals etc, and the second one... well you'll have to see, it's probably going to be about late nights, junk food, flyering and critical success!

I did manage to catch a very well performed and directed The River by Brodick Productions up there, so have great hope for all of them making their mark.

And who knows, maybe reading this will inspire you too to take a chance at Edinburgh 2016 with one of our plays?

We can't make fitting everything into a small van any easier, but what we can do is make the licensing process as smooth as possible!

Have a read of our companies' adventures up North here.

Plays licensed through NHB at Edinburgh Fringe 2015