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The Sánchez Huerta Girl Killed Herself

By Claudia Ríos Translated by Roxana Silbert

After a young girl's suicide, her parents meet for the first time in years at the school where she died.

Published in volume Mexican Plays

    Used Blood Junkyard

    Làzaro, his mates and his porn-star girlfriend are 'art terrorists'... Can anything stop their killing spree?

    Published in volume Mexican Plays


      Cabron (the Bastard) isn't having a good day. His scams aren't going well. Thank god for the Seven-Eleven and its constant supply of hot-dogs.

      Published in volume Mexican Plays

        On Insomnia and Midnight

        By Edgar Chías Translated by David Johnston

        In a mountain hotel an ailing guest and nervous chambermaid strike up an uneasy friendship.

        Published in volume Mexican Plays

          Little Certainties

          Mario is missing, presumed dead. In the town of Tijuana, his brother and sister make a shocking discovery about Mario and his secrets.

          Published in volume Mexican Plays

            La Ronde

            Schnitzler's famous 'daisy-chain' play of sexual coupling, set in Vienna in the 1890s. In the Drama Classics series.


            A wild and slippery fantasy from French-Canadian writer Olivier Choinière, translated by Caryl Churchill, exploring our insatiable appetite for private lives made public.

            Blood Wedding (Drama Classic)

            García Lorca's passionate, lyrical tale of longing and revenge: a twentieth century masterpiece.


            A portrait of idealism and democracy floundering in a society of conservatism and opportunism, considered by many to be Ibsen's dramatic masterpiece.

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            Six Characters in Search of an Author (Headlong version)

            Pirandello's classic play, updated for the twenty-first century by Headlong.


            By Lucy Kirkwood Original author Henrik Ibsen

            A startling new version of Hedda Gabler, relocating Ibsen's nineteenth-century heroine to London in 2008.


            A muscular version of Sophocles' timeless masterpiece, offering a profound reflection on the nature of power, democracy and human rights.

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