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Halcyon Days

An uplifting, bittersweet drama set in a nursing home, celebrating friendship and the human spirit.

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A play about the private and disturbing moments a couple share, exploring what becomes of a relationship when it is held together not only by love, but by fear, guilt and despair.

When Cows Go Boom

A short play by Stacey Gregg, an oblique parable of love set against the backdrop of a horrific landscape.

Published in volume Irish Shorts

    Love in a Glass Jar

    A short play from an acclaimed Irish playwright, about a sterile liasion in a hotel room that threatens to spill over into real life.

    Published in volume Irish Shorts

      Meeting Miss Ireland

      A short play commissioned and performed as part of The Fairer Sex, a series of play readings at the Abbey Theatre, Dublin, in June 2009.

      Published in volume Irish Shorts

        Salad Day

        A short play about an elderly couple who, trapped in a nursing home, plot a daring escape into the sunshine.

        Published in volume Irish Shorts

          Nineteen Ninety-Two

          A short play about two brothers biding their time to savour revenge - but how can they be sure they've got the right girl?

          Published in volume Irish Shorts

            Investment Potential

            A short play about a youthful couple who can't seem to pull themselves up the rungs of the property ladder.

            Published in volume Irish Shorts


              A short play about a parent and child who have been concealing their true identities.

              Published in volume Irish Shorts


                By turns dark and shimmering, Moth is a fast, funny and heartbreaking story about two young people with nowhere to go.

                Time Spent on Trains

                A 15-minute play about childhood, disability and spending time on trains.

                Published in volume Fishskin Trousers


                  A captivating, darkly comic play that questions what it means to be human.