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A Tender Thing

Another Romeo and another Juliet in a strikingly different love story.

it felt empty when the heart went at first but it is alright now

A play about modern-day sex trafficking, joint winner of the 2010 John Whiting Award.

Days of Wine and Roses (stage version)

JP Miller's 1962 film Days of Wine and Roses, adapted brilliantly for the stage by Owen McCafferty.


A radical, modern-day re-interpretation of Arthur Schnitzler’s taboo-breaking 1897 play La Ronde, with its 'daisy chain' of sexual encounters.

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Catherine Medbh

A bittersweet and hesitant duologue in a bar between a youngish man and woman who are ex-lovers.

Published in volume St Petersburg and other plays


    A couple in bed discuss the effect on them of the woman's recent abortion.

    Published in volume Caryl Churchill: Shorts

      This Wide Night

      A tender portrayal of two women trying to start again after their release from prison.


      An ink-black comedy about the boundaries between work and play.


      An electrifying portrayal of a dangerously charged romance between a fifteen-year-old and their teacher.

      La Ronde

      Schnitzler's famous 'daisy-chain' play of sexual coupling, set in Vienna in the 1890s. In the Drama Classics series.

      On Insomnia and Midnight

      By Edgar Chías Translated by David Johnston

      In a mountain hotel an ailing guest and nervous chambermaid strike up an uneasy friendship.

      Published in volume Mexican Plays

        Girls and Dolls

        A striking play from Northern Ireland about two women and the childhood tragedy they'll never be allowed to forget.